January 20, 2022

Phalaenopsis is the rising sun of Dümmen Orange in Asia-Pacific

Dummen Orange's Phalaenopsis program builds healthy, long-term and sustainable business success for its business partners and customers in Asia-Pacific. 

Dümmen Orange has been active in the Asia-Pacific region for many years. We acquired SOGO Team Co., Ltd. from Taiwan in 2017. Until 2018 , Dümmen Orange sold flowering plants to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines and Myanmar. From 2019, we started to make a cooling plan based on varieties selected by our customers. In 2020, the selected varieties became popular in targeted markets, and we started taking orders in 2021. Since 2021, Dümmen Orange is distributing plant materials to three trial partners in China, and we are looking for providing more Phalaenopsis varieties to be trialed out.

“Dümmen Orange’s Phalaenopsis breeding program combines high selection standards with a wide range of innovations for our Asia-Pacific customers,” says Chao Yi Lin, Product Manager Tropical at Dümmen Orange. “Compared to European suppliers, another big advantage of Dümmen Orange’s Phalaenopsis is that our breeding and production is based in Asia, Taiwan, and that we offer part of our assortment specifically for Asia-Pacific.”

Dümmen Orange provides plants in various product forms to multiple markets in Asia-Pacific, primarily to Australia, Greater China and Vietnam. In the recent past we have refined our SKU’s to be the most profitable and beneficial for our customers. Our strategy is to focus on working with partners across Asia-Pacific, providing them with tissue culture and young plants (P17), so that they can benefit from the world class varieties that we breed. Via continuous innovation and cooperation, we commit to the success of our customers in Asia-Pacific.

Wen Yi Fen (Jeffrey), Global Relationship Director (Orchids) at Dümmen Orange: “Besides our continuing market pilot tests, we make sure that the promising varieties are visible and presented at shows, like our year-round show room at the Dümmen Orange nursery in Taiwan, our open house in March, and at the commercial variety show room at TIOS, also in March.”  

Dümmen Orange demonstrated its care and commitment to understand what its business partners and customers need in the diverse cultures and markets in the Asia-Pacific region, supporting them with optimized business solutions, and helping them to confront the changes and uncertainties in local and global markets.  

“One successful example is Orchid Emporium, our key Phalaenopsis customer in Australia,” says Guan-Hua Lin (George), APAC Tropical Sales Account Manager at Dümmen Orange. “In the past two years, many improvements were reorganized and implemented to leverage and strengthen the competitiveness and resilience with business partner to secure the growth and success in targeting local market in many years to come.”