Our Values

As a global leader in floriculture, we are distinguished by our passion for serving people and our unparalleled commitment to excellence and mutual success. With deep-rooted commitment to our people, our values and our unsurpassed passion for excellence, Dümmen Orange is uniting the world through the language of flowers.

Passionate Purpose
Passionate Purpose

Passion lives in every moment and every detail of our work, uniting our mission, our people, and our planet in a vibrant circle that’s both sustaining and sustainable.


Pelargonium and Poinsettia cuttings from the motherplant location in Ethiopia are Fairtrade certified. They can be offered as a fair product to the retailer and consumer. Support the employees in Ethiopia together with your customer and "be part of the story".

Toys, fun & games

Every year, Dümmen Orange location Las Mercedes, El Salvador gives toys to children in the communities surrounding the farm. About one hundred children are having fun with clowns and games made by the workers of Dümmen Orange.

Boundless Solutions
Boundless Solutions

Serving the individual needs of our customers with sincerity and ingenuity fuels boundless floriculture solutions and business opportunities that advance mutual success.

Confetti Garden

We offer a full array of customer-facing, point-of-sale information, enabling our retail partners to entice shoppers and share the benefits of our products. Best example is our successful 2008 introduction of Confetti Garden, a combination of genera rooted in a single plug.


With a truck, decorated as a greenhouse, we visited traders and retailers to show our new and existing varieties on their location. Dümmen Orange offers this marketing tool to our preferred growers. We have been able to match several traders, vendors and growers, to mutual satisfaction.

Inspiring Confidence
Inspiring Confidence

Trust – earned by doing business honestly, transparently, accountably and reliably – inspires confidence in our relationships and pride in our legacy.


Honoring the family heritage of the collection of companies, whose roots create the foundation our organization, our name also heralds excellence and pride through the symbolic color of the Netherlands. Our logo represents the joining of breeders and partners worldwide who have united under Dümmen Orange.

Roots that go back

We serve our customers with a strong, historically built base (100+ years) of knowledge and experience. This experience, heritage and passion for customers combined with the commitment to invest in new technologies make us your confident partner to trust.

Empowering Expression
Empowering Expression

Flowers speak to the best of our human nature – beauty, joy, love, life, art – empowering us to connect, communicate and share every day.

Fashion Forward

Columbus, OH is the North American headquarters for Dümmen Orange and also has the third-largest number of fashion designers in the United States. Dümmen Orange is proud support Fashion Week Columbus, a non-profit organization serving as a platform to showcase local and emerging fashion designers, while providing scholarship to fashion design students.


Art created by Vincent van Gogh shows his passion for flowers and plants. Expression through art and expression through flowers shows a fascinating parallel. We recognize our spirit in Van Gogh's inspiration and universal reach. This led us to sign a sponsorship contract with the Van Gogh Museum.

Evolving Excellence
Evolving Excellence

From products that outperform to leadership that outshines, continually evolving our standards of excellence feeds dynamic growth and deep-rooted success.

Green Care

Our aim is to produce the healthiest cuttings. Green Care is a program built off of the principle, “Start Clean, Stay Clean”. We are investing heavily in a state-of-the-art Elite facility to house our Elite library in Rheinberg, Germany where our cuttings get their start.  Green Care extends from Elite production to our off-shore production facilities where our motherplant production takes place.


Our partnership with Genetwister enables us to blend traditional floricultural techniques with new technologies, expanding our assortment of easier-to-grow flowers and plants with gene-marker-assisted breeding. This increases the speed and predictability of our breeding efforts significantly.