October 21, 2022

Dümmen Orange’s Tropical Lab in Neipu is Greencare certified


The Neipu lab is the first of Dümmen Orange's network of tropicals labs to be Greencare certified.


Recently, the Tropical Lab in Neipu, Taiwan has been granted Greencare certification.


Greencare is Dümmen Orange's phytosanitary policy ensuring the delivery of healthy and clean starting materials to growers worldwide. It guides our efforts to prevent, control and minimize phytosanitary risks from breeding to production. Greencare describes mandatory preventive human and site hygiene measures to maintain the health of plants. Greencare sets guidelines on how to control a clean stock of plants by diagnostic tests, scouting for pests and diseases, audits and inspections. If a symptom is detected Greencare prevents the shipping of infected material and provides guidance on how to clean up the affected stock. Greencare draws together a worldwide team to improve products and processes with the goal of leveraging combined experience to develop more efficient and effective ways of working.


Greencare is a program inspired by the principle “Start Clean, Stay Clean.” Dümmen Orange has invested heavily in a state-of-the-art Elite facility to house our Elite library in Rheinberg, Germany where our cuttings begin their journey. Greencare extends from Elite production to our off-shore production facilities where our mother plant production takes place.


“In the past 2 years, extensive structural and organizational changes have been made in the Neipu lab to abide to ensure compliance with Greencare regulations.” Says Ton Witmer, Operations Manager of Dümmen Orange Tropicals Lab. “Air-showers, lab uniforms, separate personnel and material flow, filter fan units (FFU), entrance air-curtains, quarantine zone, strict hygiene regulations, etc. have been implemented. At the same time the production capacity of the lab has been scaled up. Thanks to the arrival of 30 additional workers, the lab is now operating at full capacity.”