July 01, 2022

Dümmen Orange shows full support for Flower Inspiration Days in Malaysia

After two years, the Dümmen Orange team made a physical appearance at Flower Inspiration Days Malaysia.


This year’s Flower Inspiration Days Malaysia 2022 (FIDM), which took place in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia's flower-planting region, was a great success. Despite having participated in the online FIDM for the previous two years due to the Covid restrictions, the Dümmen Orange team was delighted to be able to physically participate in the yearly biggest cut chrysanthemums event in Malaysia again.

FIDM is organized by, Weng Fong Nurseries Sdn. Bhd, a trusted partner of Dümmen Orange for 10 years. Their goal is to provide a platform for Cut Chrysanthemums to gain more exposure, both locally and in the floriculture industry. This year marks the eighth year of the Cut Mum event. FIDM has also made it easier for local growers to observe new varieties without having the need to travel abroad.

Weng Fong's team meticulously prepared the trial site. They connected breeders and local growers, enabling them to communicate on a technical level. Using this opportunity, Dümmen Orange’s technical experts were able to provide better knowledge of products to local growers. 

To welcome all guests, booklets with information of all varieties, registration booths, door gifts, and refreshments were set up. Visitors could sample a wide range of Dümmen Orange’s Cut Mum varieties at this trial, including the very first exhibition of some of the new varieties in Malaysia.

Dümmen Orange also held a voting contest in order to make the event even more engaging for both growers and flower enthusiasts. At this contest, all visitors were given a chance to actively select the most appealing varieties. ‘I have seen voting activities at other flower exhibitions abroad before. I personally think that the advantage of voting is that you can refer to other people's opinions and get inspired. After all, everyone's aesthetic standards are different, and we can also observe different preferences of flower consumers from it. ' said Mr E.K. Tan, Director of Weng Fong Nurseries Sdn. Bhd. 

FIDM 2022 not only attracted people from related industries to participate but it has also attracted many flower enthusiasts and tourists to attend. Some flower lovers show their eager love for the cut mums and are impressed seeing a wide range of cut mums for the first time.

‘Very unusual colours, they all look different. Particularly I like Danilo (Green Pompon type spray Mum), it is so unusual and refreshing. Also, I like Pumpkin (Bicolor decorative type Mum). These two are my favourite because they are very unique. I am sure these people who are here will feel the same too!’ said Susan Tay, a flower aficionado who joined FIDM for the first time.

Dümmen Orange strives to be a leading floriculture breeder by providing innovative products and services that provide long-term value to Southeast Asian clients. Participating in FIDM has helped establish and strengthen its position in the Malaysian market.