June 21, 2023

Dümmen Orange impresses participants at Flower Inspiration Days Malaysia 2023

The highly anticipated Flower Inspiration Days Malaysia 2023 took place in the picturesque Cameron Highlands and was hosted by Weng Fong Nurseries. The event captivated participants with its stunning displays and innovative Cut Chrysanthemums varieties. In collaboration with Weng Fong, Dümmen Orange also showcased Gerbera, Kalanchoe, Pot Mum, and Poinsettia, highlighting the strength of their partnership. With over 70 new and existing varieties on exhibit, Dümmen Orange impressed visitors with its dedication to innovation and quality.


Weng Fong Nurseries, renowned for its expertise and commitment to excellence, played a pivotal role in organizing and hosting the event. Their dedication to the Cut Mum industry resonated throughout the entire show, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all participants. One of the event’s highlights was the outstanding showcase by Dümmen Orange. With over 70 varieties on display, Dümmen Orange claimed the spotlight with its exceptional genetics, specially bred to flourish in the unique climate of Cameron Highlands.


Among the standout varieties, the Smartie series instantly captured everyone's attention with its charming small pompon shapes and vibrant color palette. The Pastela series, now available in 10 shades, offered a captivating array of pastel hues. Attendees were also enthralled by the bicolour flowers of Pumpkin and Canon, showcasing the ingenuity and creativity of Dümmen Orange.


Additionally, Harold Van Gennip, Dümmen Orange Chrysanthemums Specialist from the Netherlands, provided invaluable support to the event. His expertise demonstrated technical knowledge while his wealth of experience brought tremendous value to the trials, benefitting local growers and international traders alike.


In addition to its impressive Cut Chrysanthemums, Dümmen Orange took great pride in unveiling new Gerbera varieties for the first time in Malaysia, further expanding its offerings to Malaysian growers. Collaborations with Weng Fong Nurseries also brought forth captivating displays of Kalanchoe, Pot Mum, and Poinsettia.


The resounding success of the Flower Inspiration Days Malaysia 2023 would not have been possible without the exceptional organization and dedication of Weng Fong Nurseries. Their commitment to the floriculture industry and their passion for creating an inspiring event shone through every aspect of the show. This collaboration stands as testament to the strong relationship between Dümmen Orange and its partners, ensuring the success of such prestigious showcases.


Harold Van Gennip, Dümmen Orange’s Chrysanthemums Specialist from the Netherlands, during the trials. Harold generously shared his vast technical knowledge and experiences with both local growers and international traders, bringing immense value to the event.