December 06, 2022

Dümmen Orange breaking new ground at the 7th Cut Chrysanthemum Trial in Aichi, Japan

At the 7th Cut Chrysanthemum Trial in Aichi, Japan, which was held in November, visitors enjoyed a wide selection of Dümmen Orange’s Cut Mum varieties, including the first display of several new varieties in Japan. Another highlight of the event was the wide assortment of Cut Mum at the planting stage on display for cut mum traders. They were pleased to discover this wide range of Dümmen Orange Cut Mums in a greenhouse and were astounded by the condition of the blooming flowers.

“Dümmen Orange redesigned its mum’s breeding program for Japan four years ago, and the results have begun to show,” says Obara Tetsuya , Commercial Director Japan & South Korea. “We will continue to introduce Cut Mum for the Japanese market, including the disease-resistant Intrinsa breeding programme.” Dümmen Orange anticipates contributing more to the Japanese floriculture sector.

Dümmen Orange’s Pastela series was widely promoted at the trial, with an inspiring display at the entrance. Both disbud and spray growth were carried out to provide visitors with various images of Pastela’s cultivation. Besides the Pastela series, the new yellow spray chrysanthemum, Ganma variety entertained positive feedback from growers due to its good formation, high-quality stem and leaves. The Ruby Star, Purple Star, and Karma Pink varieties were complimented for their colours and shapes of the petals.

The Cut Mum Trial was primarily conducted by Dümmen Orange, with support from its  trusted grower Atsumi SP Keiichi Kondo. This year, the Dümmen Orange Japan team and APAC marketing team alongside Harold van Gennip, the chrysanthemum specialist from the Netherlands, all contributed to its success. 2022 marked the seventh year since Dümmen Orange’s first trial at this particular greenhouse in Aichi.

The trial's objective was to provide Cut Flowers industry players more exposure  to both commercial-ready Cut Mum and Cut Mum at the experimental stage. During the trial, approximately 80 different varieties were on display.

Over 150 visitors from all over Japan attended the three-day event, an increase of 30% over the previous year's attendance rates. Growers from the Kyushu region, located 900 kilometres away from  the trial site, were among them. During the field tour, Dümmen Orange’s sales representatives met with each of them for a one-on-one sharing session. Harold van Gennip was able to deliver superior product knowledge to the guests. "I was impressed by the passion of the visitors, they spent over an hour with our colleagues to learn about the new varieties, touch and feel their beauty, and share their feedback with us. We are communicating with people through the language of flowers," says Jinwen Zhou, Marketing Manager APAC.

Dümmen Orange strives to be a leading floriculture breeder by offering clients in the Asia Pacific region  innovative products and services that deliver long-term value.