May 31, 2023

A blooming success: the first Dümmen Orange Gerbera Open Day in Vietnam

On May 13th, Dümmen Orange, a leading breeder, partnered with PH Biotech farm (HIVICO) in Da Lat, Lam Dong province, to introduce a collection of 16 Gerbera varieties to the Vietnamese market. The event drew the participation of more than 40 prominent growers from various regions across Vietnam, members of the Dalat Council, and members of the Dalat Flower Association (DFA). Taking place on a sunny Saturday in May, the Gerbera Open Day exceeded all expectations, serving as a remarkable platform to showcase the true essence of Dümmen Orange gerberas.

“Gerbera is one of the top ten popular flowers in cut arrangements and bouquets. Vietnam has a huge potential to promote Gerbera straight after Chrysanthemums, Roses, Lilies and Carnations,” said Dinh Thi Nguyen, Business Development Manager ASEAN at Dümmen Orange. “The event generated great excitement among visitors, who expressed their anticipation for its transformation into an annual tradition. We are currently making plans to fulfill this desire.”

HIVICO, a pioneer in promoting licensed Gerbera varieties, assists growers in accessing updated varieties and selling them to exporters in Vietnam. CEO Mr. Phu, aims to develop a mutually beneficial value chain model among breeders, propagators, and growers. HIVICO meticulously selects the most fitting products from Dümmen Orange, ensuring the production of premium-grade young plants, while the growers contribute their utmost efforts to furnish the market with exceptional finished products.

With the participation of more than 40 dedicated growers, the Gerbera Open Day served as an outstanding occasion to experience firsthand the beauty and innovation that Dümmen Orange’s Gerberas bring to the floral industry in Vietnam. The atmosphere was vibrant with enthusiasm and excitement as industry experts and growers came together to explore the impressive array of breathtaking varieties showcased during the event.

Dümmen Orange firmly believes in the transformative potential of partnerships, which is exemplified through its collaboration with HIVICO. Together, their shared mission is to elevate the floral industry by fostering innovation, ensuring exceptional quality, and promoting sustainable practices. Dümmen Orange is grateful for having the opportunity to work alongside passionate individuals with a joint vision for a flourishing future.